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Going off my diet at Shakespeare and Co..

Never go anywhere when you are hungry unless you are going for the sole purpose of eating. As some of you may know I gave my final grad school exam last month, which was followed by a family vacation and indulging in all things satisfying to the taste buds. Which eventually ended up with me putting on a couple of inches here and there. With the start of this week I finally decided to hit the gym, which was going well untill I went to the mall yesterday evening, with sore muscles and an empty stomach. I did not realised I was hungry until the hunger pangs kicked in, with a whiff of fresh breads filling up the air from the numerous cafe and a slide show of advertisement for Fuddruckers zooming in on tenderly grilled chicken covered in rich sauces. After 25 mins of trying to wait it out and looking for healthy options we headed to Shakespeare and Co. This was the first time I actually went inside the place and was instantly transported back to 18th century England combined with Vic

Man of Steel : don't impress me much!

Okay, this cold have been my third consecutive post about the weekend, but I refrained myself from doing so, three is a crowd sometimes! I finally caught 'Man of Steel' this past week (weekday!) and yes I know new superman is hot and everything, but the movie did not keep me engrossed as much. A part of that maybe because the story remains the same obviously,  the other part is because I don't like long never ending fight scenes, especially when you know who is going to win. This time I went for a movie at Reel cinemas at Dubai Mall, for the first time (my go to theatre being VOX at Deira City Center). We were at screen 18, it's not to big, a lower medium size theatre. Being in the top row is good, but not when the seats don't recline, I believe the others do (at least a bit, I think!).   A few set backs of Reel cinemas is that, the it's winds around to much, I had to take three flights of escalators, and numerous lefts and rights to get to my screen. With movie

The week ends in Al Ain, UAE

Leaving behind the crowded street of Dubai on a Thursday evening gives me great Joy. This weekend I did exactly that by heading to my other home Al Ain. People say, home is where the heart is, but with my loved ones scattered all over, my home is never just one place. After a quick pit stop at KFC (my craving for unhealthy fat isn't my best quality) I found myself on the Dubai - Al Ain highway, Serene and peaceful and bit into my hot crispy and spicy fried chicken, only to have hot oil drip through like a faucet! Now we know why KFC charges extra for ketchup and not for the wet wipes. I dare you to eat the fried chicken without using a wet wife to get all he grease off your hands (when there is no access to water and soap). The zinger did not disappoint as much as the chicken and the fries, I may have swallowed a bone though, but thank to the chemical laden Pepsi, that would have melted in my tummy by now. Even though I super upside my meal, the fries turned out to be the med

The Weekend that was...

The Long weekend is over and we are back to Sunday, (for those who don't live here, Sunday is the start of the work week, instead of Monday).  Israa Wal Mairaj the ascension of Prophet Mohammad fell on Thursday June 6, making it a much welcomed long weekend. Generally on weekends I head to the Garden city of Al Ain, basking in the glory of all things nature, but for many reasons I was held back in Dubai this weekend. So what did Dubai have to offer this weekend? I started Thursday with one of my favourite pastimes, SHOPPING! Though shopping is relaxing and entertaining at the same time, the weekend rush does not make it easy. I visited a standalone retail store, which on any other day would be deserted, but this Thursday was packed. I am fine with waiting for an empty trial room in the women's section, lets face it we women try a lot of clothes! What I was not fine is the almost 40 minute long que at the payment counter. Its ironically how we wait in line to actually give a

Yamla Pagla Deewana premiere at Meydan IMAX

On receiving an invitation for the premiere of Yamla Pagla Deewana, my first thought was to ask both my brothers to go see, being Dharmender fans that they are, I knew they wouldn't refuse. Since one of them was tied up with work, I decided to accompany my brother. As much as I did to want to see the movie, I wanted to check out this particular IMAX which is supposed to be the fourth largest in the world. The invite said 8 and we reached at 8.15 thinking we would have missed the start of the show. I wish that was the case! On reaching there we were informed the star cast is late and the event would start at 9pm followed by the movie at 9.45 pm. With an hour and 30 mins on the clock, and going against my suggestion of going back home and returning later, we decided to wait it out. Again I wish we handn't. The event dint start till 9.30! After two Bhangra group dances running into known people unexpectedly, my brother and and myself decided it would be best to wait in the the