Man of Steel : don't impress me much!

Okay, this cold have been my third consecutive post about the weekend, but I refrained myself from doing so, three is a crowd sometimes!

I finally caught 'Man of Steel' this past week (weekday!) and yes I know new superman is hot and everything, but the movie did not keep me engrossed as much. A part of that maybe because the story remains the same obviously,  the other part is because I don't like long never ending fight scenes, especially when you know who is going to win. This time I went for a movie at Reel cinemas at Dubai Mall, for the first time (my go to theatre being VOX at Deira City Center). We were at screen 18, it's not to big, a lower medium size theatre. Being in the top row is good, but not when the seats don't recline, I believe the others do (at least a bit, I think!).  

A few set backs of Reel cinemas is that, the it's winds around to much, I had to take three flights of escalators, and numerous lefts and rights to get to my screen. With movies comes the munchies, other side food is not allowed as the norm with theatres, but apparently they don't even allow you to carry a milkshake from Baskins or Tim Hortons located right before the Reel entrance. They should put up a sign about that. We were hungry and directly ordered the large nachos combo, disappointedly enough, the jalapeños  were missing (something that has never happened at VOX), and nachos at the movies are just not the same without jalepenos. 

I did get two lucky draw tickets with my movie tickets, to go see the director of 'Man of Steel' in LA (or maybe the dude's coming here, cant remember that bit). In a hurry to get home after the movie (my family is either too lazy or too frantic) neither of us remembered to fill in the lucky draw coupons (who really wins them anyway, I for one never have!) and they are still lying around in some corner of the house, waiting for their inevitable fate, to go down the recycle bin. 

Now that I have written about a weekday activity, I can put up a post about the weekend. I promise it's got a little bit more than shopping this time. ;)

Moral of this Story: Check if the concession stand has jalapeños, before you order, or anything else that you find imp, cause once you pay them, you can't get the money back. Avoid top rows if you prefer to recline your chair.   

P.S. If you have won any such crazy big luck draws (crazy big = a car, boat, house, plane tickets, Europe  holiday etc), I would love to hear about it.


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