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Food Review - Elevation Burger

When I was invited for a special preview of something new at elevation burger before it was released to everyone else, I wondered if there would be something on the menu for me eat since they are know for thier beef burger, and I don't eat beef.  Little did I know what was hatching was a whole range of new chicken sandwiches (burger). The interesting part about thier new chicken offerings is that you can have the same chicken in a burger, in a healthy lettuce wrap and just by itself.  But coming down to the actual chicken I found it to be a tad bit in the dry, on the good side it's organic. What I did like though was thier veggie burger which is hard to get in many chain burger joints. You also have the option of customising your own burger with your choice of sauces, vegetables and cheese. If I had to go back it would be thier veg burger and thier milkshake. The milk shakes passed the thickness test with flying colours. The best part is that you can add toppings to

Hidaya International launches FW 2015 collection in the UAE

Leading Malaysian fashion brand, Hidaya International introduced their new Fall/Winter 2015 to the media at the glittering Cavalli Club in Dubai. The collection of contemporary Abaya designs aims to please the powerful, glamorous and beautiful women looking for traditional, timeless and interchangeable fashion pieces that set their own new trend in the fashion industry globally. Initially launching straightforward abayas with lace trims and appliques for the Malaysian market, the brand is now aiming to meet the needs of the modest wear clientele globally, starting with the Middle East market.  According to designer, Hidayah Wan Ismail, it was necessary to start the journey with conventional styles for Malaysians, as they do not traditionally wear abayas. To attract them to the black robes meant that some embellishments were necessary and to appeal to the Arab region, she has added a little twist to the standard abaya to bring out the confidence and sensuality of the wearer.

The World of Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney celebrated the World of Stella McCartney for the first time during her first official visit to the region. To celebrate the world of Stella McCartney, the designer hosted a cocktail party presenting her Spring 2016 collection previously shown in New York in June and her new adidas by Stella McCartney Summer 2016 collection at the gardens of the Park Hyatt. The designer’s collections were showcased in scenario and in action. The mainline ready-to-wear and accessory collection celebrated the season’s vibrant energy with a liberating play on volume and colour in a modern interpretation of the masculine and feminine attitude set amidst a playful setting of games and activities. Meanwhile the new adidas by Stella McCartney collection was featured in a dynamic performance demonstration of cycling, yoga, run, and studio.

Warehouse421 opens in Abu Dhabi

Warehouse421 is a new cultural destination in Abu Dhabi’s port area of Mina Zayed, in which transformed warehouses have become a platform for artistic expression, understanding, and further development of the UAE’s creative community. I was a part of the select group on media who was invited to have a sneak peak at the exhibit bwfore it opened to the general public. The official launch of Warehouse421 includes a three-day celebration of art and expression, design and creativity, from both emerging and established artists and designers in the UAE and from around the region and wider world. Deeply rooted in the principal of sustainability and creating dynamic spaces for diverse audiences, Warehouse421 will celebrate works by artists and designers as an arena for community discourse, engagement and creative development through various artistic avenues. Officially opening takes place today at 6pm on Thursday, the three-day event will then continue from 3pm – 11pm on both Fr

Twisted Roots makes it official debut in Dubai

Emirati fashion designer Latifa Al Gurg celebrated the launch of her homegrown brand Twisted Roots at 40 Kong last week with a special preview of her China-inspired spring/summer 2016 collection.  Keen on creating contemporary, comfortable everyday wear especially for travel purposes, Al Gurg’s latest line features a variety of long silk blouses, cotton shirts, knit tops, fitted and straight pants, long vests and a couple of jackets, incorporating a mix of strong contrasting colors such as shades of herbal green, ming blue, rustic brown as well as shades of turquoise and white.   “Green Tea” is Twisted Roots’ second collection and is in line with her desire to explore different cities, countries and cultures from around the world through design, “I have always loved traveling,” explains Al Gurg, CEO of the Twisted Roots brand, “As children, we often went on family vacations and I found myself drawn to the scenery, buildings, structures and colors around me; so much so t

I'm Back!

A big hello to all you amazing people reading my blog. If you follow me on any of my social media handles, you by now know I have been travelling for the past month. I was in India exploring a number of cities while spending quality time with my fiancé and planning my wedding. But all good things come to an end, so that other new experiences can take place. Although I really miss India I'm also happy to be back home to the UAE. So stay tuned for a lot more posts and the new travel section starting real soon! xoxo K