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The Power of Pink

I once asked a cousin who stays right here in Al Ain whether she read my story in the magazine and her response to my surprise was “No.” While most of my family reads what I write or atleast cares enough to lie and say yes, this one was outright brutal. My curiosity made me ask her why and to that her response was “You write about typical stuff, women’s right, independence blah.. blahh, which we already know about, what’s new? I prefer reading about makeup and beauty.” At that moment I was not sure if I should be angry or just amazed. What I am going to say next may not go down well with some of you, but that does not change the fact that most women are vain and self-obsessed. Beauty, make up fashion are all good, but what about internal health? Every one of us picks a magazine or google’s the latest trends in fashion, but how any of us ever look up about latest research in Breast Cancer? I have the answer to that, only people who suffer from it and their loved ones, that’s about it!