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  1. Hey Komal...
    Great work ... would like to see more on environmental issues and the little things with which we can contribute to sustainability .

    Faisal Hussain

  2. Hi Faisal,
    Thank you! That is a great topic you've bought up. I've been wanting to talk about for a while and I will definitely follow up on it.

    It is true that the little things we do can go a long way in saving our environment. I will try and get and reach the authorities and get some expert opinion, so untill then all reduce, reuse and recycle!

    - Komal R. Lakhani

  3. Hi Komal,

    I like the experiential editorials you post. I would like to see more of them though. I'm an avid traveler and explorer. Are there other cities you visit as well? Can you share more photographs on your blog?

    1. Hi,

      Thank you for the wonderful comment. Yes I do travel a lot, but someone find it difficult to post and write about everything on my blog. But I'm trying to post more and more. In the mean time you can follow me on Instagram (@komalrlakhani) and Twitter (@komalrlakhani) to see pictures from my travel and be a part of my world.

      If you want to read my food and restaurant reviews follow me on Zomato (@komalrlakhani).

      Until then keep reading my blog.



      Komal R. Lakhani

  4. Hey, awesome site. I came across this on Google, and I am pleased. I will be definitely coming back here more often. Wish I could add the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing. Out station Taxi siliguri to Darzling

    Keep Posting:)


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