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A splitting chicken korma

I love kormas. Every place makes them a bit different obviously but my favourites are the sweet ones with a rich creamy gravy. Since I like it so much I thought why not try it especially since I had this box of korma masala lying in the fridge since three month. Normally my prep includes researching the same recipe on various website. But this time I decided to try the one on the back of the box. What could go wrong with that... or so I was foolish enough to think. I started with cleaning out the chicken and dicing it. I followed all the steps as instructed on the box. At one point it said to cover the chicken and leave it for 15 minutes or until the oil/fat rises to the top. I check after 10 minutes and the gravy had split completely. I retraced all my steps and realised that I had not done anything wrong and really couldn't figure out why it split. Eventually I did what I do best. I fixed the problem. I took out the chicken pieces and dried up the gravy in a frying p

Poached eggs go for a swim

It was one weekend where I woke up and decided today I will finally poach eggs. In anticipation of this day I watched a number of videos to determine the perfect way for poaching eggs. From Gordon Ramsay to Jaime Oliver everyone was my teacher. But my favourite was Jamie Oliver who shows multiple techniques in one videos and lets you be the judge of which is the best for you. To top it up I only had one egg in the fridge so I really wanted to get this right. Poached Eggs Ingredients 1. Fresh Eggs (very important) 2. Water 3. Salt and pepper to season(optional) Method 1. Bring the water to a gentle simmer in a saucepan (I was scared to use a pot that was too deep). Take a spatula and clear out bubbles from the bottom.  2. Break the eggs in a small bowl 3. Stir the water to create a whirlpool effect and the slide the egg right in the middle of it (its okay if water enters the bowl while doing this), and let it cook for about 3-4 mins (but keep an eye not to over c

Asking for help - Wedding Wow or Woe?

This post comes to you after the wedding and now when I reflect back on the past few months and especially the days leading up to the wedding I regret not asking for help. I was one of those brides who decided that I would do everything on my own (the groom was to busy in another country to help around with the planning). From the invitations, to the wedding favours, from finalising the decor to picking out the photographer, I took on everything and luckily succeed (not without being stressed and loosing a lot of sleep). My family was around to help so I let them handle the big stuff, providing everything went through me and had my stamp of approval at the end (I was Bridezilla at times). But once the major decisions were done with it was the little things that were the most time consuming and even those I took on myself. I designed and customised the t-shirts and got them printed which I could have just outsourced to a friend. I sat through almost every dance rehearsal which I real

Bhindi 'Jaliwi' (Burnt okra)

Bhendi or as some may not it as lady finger or okra is a green veggie that is very common to Indian cooking and there are easily a 100 ways of cooking it. I choose a crowd favourite Crispy fried bhindi. Essentially what you have to do here is 1. fry the bhendi 2. take it out of the oil and season with some amaing Indian spices What I did the first time... Burnt bhindi 1. cut the bhindi into small pieces after washing 2. heated the oil and just dropped in the bhindi  3. I wanted it crispy so I let it cook, just when it turned dark green I went into to catch a glimpse of the tv leaving it on high flame. When I returned the bhendi was pretty charred to perfection. Mistake one - when you add bhindi into the hot oil it bubbles up and lot throwing splatter of hot oil all around. Always keep the flame a bit low and observe extreme caution while putting lady finger or any other moist vegetable in a kadai (shallow pan). Mistake two - the finally cooking stage of the