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Hong Kong Zoo + Outfit deets

The Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens is one of the oldest Zoos in the world. It was opened in 1871 and is located in Central Hong Kong. Entry to the Zoo is free and its open till 10pm besides some exhibits. It houses various birds like flamingos, owls and macaws. You can also see turtles, meerkats, orangutans and lemurs. The zoo has a lot of history and believe it or not, at one point the staff's hair style was mandated and they all had to have the same cut. Luckily as a visitor you are allowed to express your individuality through your clothes. Scroll below to see what I wore and more pictures of the Zoo. I chose a shirt dress since it was raining on and off making the weather hot and humid. A shirt dress is comfortable and I like the soft stretchy fabric.  The Look - A simple shirt dress paired with stockings, converse style shoes, some monochrome jewelry and a playful bag to add that spark to the look. Alternately - You can add a belt

A casual look for a day of exploring or a bbq party

It's time for Autumn, but still feels like summer. This look is perfect for an outdoor bbq, or even a day out exploring the city, or a garden picnic.  Decoding the Look - This look is simple to achieve, here I have paired a quirky t-shirt with high waist shorts, converse, a sling bag and light jewelry. Too much jewelry is never a good idea while on the move, it can make you feel bulky and if you are someone who sweats a lot then it's even more annoying. Alternatively - If your day doesn't involve a lot of walking, you can pair it with tie up sandals. And if the weather is getting a bit chilly a denim or leather jacket will go perfectly well. If it's sunny you can add a cool hat to the cool Do Not - 1. Wear excess jewelry 2. Wear beach flip flops if you going to walk a lot, they do not provide enough support for your back and some of them can burn your feet if the ground is too hot. (especially in the Middle East where the weather is almost 50 degre