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Nautical theme dominates Max's Spring 2016 collection

MAX,  the value fashion brand showcased its Spring 2016 collection at fashion show last week.  In attendance of the event was Arab Idol winner Mohammad Assaf, who has collaborated with Max for the Fashion for Real People campaign which aims to inspire consumers to embrace their individuality and motivates them to dress for their comfort.   The Spring Collection is an extension of this campaign and reflects a sense of individuality. Trends woven into this collection blend understated elegance with a touch of modernized style. A minimalist 70’s approach pervades this season, brushed with modernism for a neo-nostalgic look that is dreamy and pensive. For the female collection, maritime and revamped classics, evolved spots and stripes combined with simplified styling under a sports influenced umbrella directs a strong nautical message. Key shapes such as culottes, tubular maxi’s, roll-up chinos & resort polo t-shirts play a big role in updating this classic look. Black