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Food Review - Balle Balle at Ballimaran's

My family loves eating out, but what we love more is going to dinner just when most restaurants are about to close. This weekend after spending the entire evening bowling and shopping we felt are hunger pangs hitting multiple strikes. Food court is never our first or last option and since Navratra (a nine day Indian festival) is going on, we have to be vegetarian(Almost every Hindu festivals is a no meat day). So we headed out in search of another Indian restaurant. After realising that most of them were about to close we made our way to Urban Tadka in Al Karama. Fortunately for us, Urban Tadka had already taken its last order. Now the option was pizza or trying Ballimaran's (Balli) Chaat Chowk next door. As you can see from the title we went to Ballis.  We first gorged on pani puris at the outside counter made in Indian style obviously. The pani puri was good and very spicy. I don't like spicy and to be honest I don't like pani puri from anywhere but Mumbai. Next we