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Calling all Brides to be

When I got invited to Bride Dubai, my first thought was that it will be catered to brides having the 'White Wedding gown' type of wedding. Being an Indian Hindu I had my reservations going there. For those who don't know, we don't wear white wedding gowns in Hindu weddings, the traditional colour is red, mixed with gold, silver, pastels, pink, peaches, blue and even green. I remember telling that to an Arab friend, her response was "you are too brown to wear red, it won't suit you." So much for cultural respect and understanding, and not being racist! Coming back to Bride Dubai currently taking place at the World Trade Centre, I was surprised to find a small yet significant section dedicated to Indian wedding displays which included a number of fashion designers from Delhi, and jewellery designers including the famous Indian designer Queenie Dhody who was personally present at her booth.   The arena also boasted of a number of chocolate and cake

Taste of Dubai and A Michelin star studded Interview with Chef Atul Kochhar

It's a well know fact that I am a foodie. Many a times my day starts and ends with the thought of my next meal. So when it was time for Taste of Dubai, how could I resist! The festival was a good mix of restaurants, cafe and food makers showcasing the best they had to offer. I tasted everything creamy guacamole and crunchy nachos to perfectly cooked pasta, from hot and crispy Punjabi samosas to compliment the chilly evening to natural energy drinks to keep me going.  The evening was not just about tasting food, but also about food services, food providers also about learning how to cook it.   Chef Bader in action I signed up for a cooking session with Chef Bader AlAwadi. Lucky for me, on the menu was dessert! We were making rice crispy date cakes (that may not be the exact name). The recipe involved making date syrup from scratch and then adding the rice crispy and nuts to it. So as you can guess there was a whole lot of mixing, which was almost like a w