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Food Review - Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck

The best place to eat Italian food outside Italy has to be Dubai and one such place in Dubai is Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck. Headed by chef Federico, under the guidance of Heinz Beck himself, this place really brings the flavours of Italy to Dubai. And we started this amazing food journey with fresh homemade bread which was nothing less than art, in favours like walnuts, olives, multi grain accompanied with Italian olive oil and balsamic vinegar. After the bread we moved on to starters and first up was the fried calamari served with zucchini , green apple jam and home made mayo. The batter fried zucchini was a bit too salty for me, but the flavour was neutralised by the sweet apple jam. Besides the calamari, the star of this dish was the mayonnaise which was thick and creamy and full of flavour. From here we moved on to the burchetta, topped with fresh cherry tomatoes imported from Italy. It is these tomatoes that literally bring down the taste of Italy. The fresh flavour contin

The week that was (19th - 24th Feb)

If you follow me on social media, you would have noticed my never ending Instastories, snapchats and check-ins, because I had a super busy week. It was so busy that I couldn't even make it to some events. But I've tried to cover as much as possible below. For pictures an videos head on to my Facebook or Instagram  page. Beauty Lush Showcased of their new Knot-Wraps designed in Lebanon at the city walk outlet last week. The new designs come from an art competition held in Lebanon. These knot wraps are environmentally friendly and can be purchased or AED 49. They can be used as scarfs, to wrap gifts or just to carry things. The two winning art works along with the others are on display at the city walk store for another week, so have a look. Tweezerman - According to their International Trainer, Melissa Shurina, more full, natural-looking brows are making a come back. This look might be hard to achieve if your brows have been over-plucked.  To the rescue comes the T

Food Review - Mercato

Hidden in the maze like structure of DIFC Gate Village this homely Italian place is hard to miss. The Wooden furniture and shelves filled with pasta, oil oil, vinegar and sauces remind you for your grandma's kitchen, well if your grandma was Italian that is. Mercato is a very earthy and cozy restaurant with indoor and outdoor seating which is perfect for this weather. They also have a huge dinning table inside which promotes community style eating. But if you want your privacy you can't opt for a spot at the high table as well. Coming to the main bit... food. I started of with a brioche bun called bombolone who which has sugar dusted on top and cool and creamy lemon filling inside which is also light and fluffy. After this was my favourite thing pizza alla pala. I choose a classic margarita which has buffalo mozerella and basil. The crust is not thin or super thick. It's fuffly and not made in the traditional brick oven. The technique of making this pizza is complete

Travel Hong Kong - Tips, hacks and suggestions

As most of you know the past couple of weeks have been really busy, besides the 'dramas of everyday life' I had a two week holiday in Hong Kong. Holidays for some is that relaxing time of the year where they sit back, read a book, listen to music and enjoy room service. A vacation for me is where I completely exhaust myself and walk about the entire city taking videos to bring to you all and to make my friends Hong Kong it is fascinating city, one I have heard much about from family and friends. So before travelling I did my research just like any avid traveller would by browsing through dozens and dozens of websites. But I found that these websites were lacking the some of the most basic information I was looking for to make the initial days as relaxed as possible.  Now that I am back, I want to draw up a list of basic and important things that you should know before travelling that will take off that initial stress of being in a new country.. I'm