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Public transport in Al Ain (UAE)

My blog promises to give you my view on the places I live. In this post we look at the public transport system. Al Ain is a big city area vice but way smaller than Dubai in population. So the only available means of public transport here is the Bus. I want to do my part in saving the environment, which means having to endure the troubles of public travel. So here is the list of things wrong with buses in Al Ain. 1. They are not on time 2. Some specific buses are always late by more than 20 mins! 3. The buses are freezing! The bus drivers are have no idea how cold it is outside and they blast the air  conditioning on super speeds. It's so strong you can hear it! 4. The call center employees are untrained and absolutely useless! I once called the operators to confirm the time written on schedule at the bus stop. After being on the phone for 10 mins she tells me there is no bus, even though the schedule one to be there. I thought maybe the timings have changed and that's why it sh