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Rani Taj International Dhol artist performs live in Duabi

Did you know Rani Taj became a youtube sensation after her friends posted her dhol infusion with Rihanna's Rude boy without her knowledge? Did you know Rani Taj has been playing the dhol since she was eight? Did you know her dhol weighs an astounding 15 kgs! And she does Bhangra while carrying it? Well I'm sure you dint know all of these facts, that's why I'm here! The second she picked up her dhol and struck the first cord I just wanted to put my hands in the air and start dancing. I couldn't do that there but I'm sure we all can, at her live performance with Gurdas Maan this weekend. The moment you hear her playing you will want to do a little bhangra yourself.. don't believe me? Click on the video below and see for yourself.     I interviewed Rani at a press conference today and she was the sweetest! On being asked about Dubai she said not only does she love the weather but has been secretly wanting to move here (yay for all of us

Have you had a Taste of Wafi?

Taste of Wafi is a sweet lovers delight. Rows of counters coiling around the colonnade area is inviting in every sense. The aroma of dates, coffee and chocolate rose above everything else. Pretty Mamoulis, cake pops, cookies wrapped in ribbons and bows, hand painted chocolate truffles, mocktails served in lightbulbs (not the real ones!) dough balls, biscuits and fresh coconut and sugar cane juice were a sight to behold, tempting me at every step! Taste of Wafi boasts a number of home business owners, which is a great boost for women in particular. Most vendors were from Dubai and a few from Sharjah but I did meet one from Al Ain which was pretty incredible. The Taste of Wafi did have a few drawbacks which I hope will be improved in the coming weeks. If you are someone who favours savoury over sweet, then Taste of Wafi might not be the place for you. The other thing that I found odd was that many booths were manned by people not directly connected to the food being pre

Crate & Barrel turn 5!

Crate & Barrel recently completed five successful years in the UAE and to celebrate this is ocassion they had a special event in thier stores to entertain people of all age groups. Here are some pictures from the MOE store.. did you get caught by my camera?

Fashion Victims 2015

Fashion Victims took place at Atlantis, The Plam earlier this month. With a number of informative and interactive workshops and fashion shows the event kept everyone of thier toes. Here are a few pictures from Fashion Victims 2015 and the dresses that caught my eye.

Did you 'Meet d3'?

The Duabi design district recently hosted Meet d3, a one of its kind event including food, fashion, music, art, live concerts and more!  Meet d3 had something for everyone. What I loved were the street performances, one of my favs was Jake Clark's street music performace. He used what looked like shoe soles to caret music with his unique instrument. Click on the video below to see and hear him performace.  The cold winds and sandy weather did not deter the people of Dubai, who were seen entering the venue even 11pm ready to indulge in everything d3 had to offer. A number of food trucks and restaurants lined the way. You could learn everything from making your own gum to making hand blow glass and get thirst printer in your preferred designs. A number of upcoming and established designers had their booths but the most popular attraction was the selfie station. Located conviently throughout the place, young and old alike were seen posing in front of the self serving selfie station wh