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Skinny Bride or Happy Bride?

We women have issues with our body image. As much as we deny it, when it comes to the big day, we all want to look perfect which many a time involves changing something in our appearance. It could be the hair, nose, skin or the biggest problem of them all...'figure'.  Besides one woman, who had to gain weight (wish I was that lucky), everyone I know wanted to loose some for their wedding. Many went on strict diets, some od'ed on exercise, few opted for tummy tucks and  liposuction , and now I hear people get  their  stomachs stapled, which sounds very painful. To be honest, even I wanted to drop some weight so that I don't have a muffin top spilling out round the  waist   when I wear a ' lehenga' ( a traditional Indian wedding attire) .   If you've read my previous post you know I had a year to plan, but a year for a foodie like me is like a century of 'dieting.' I decided 2016 was a good time to start. When the new year came along I still