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Kris+ Referral

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Keeping fit in Singapore

If you’ve seen my Instagram you would know I’ve taken up a bunch of classes all over the city (well not literally).  The reason for me finally making exercise a habit rather than a chore is Singapore.  People here love to workout and at any given time I find people running or cycling by the river (even at 4 am). This in my opinion stems from various reason. One, the weather, it’s  summer all year round which makes you want to go out and enjoying the sunshine. But also there is rain, which brings cooler days which makes working out in the outdoors easier. The other reason I think is the compulsory national service for men. After they finish the two year service, they have to go back for a few weeks every year.  Moving from outside to indoor actives, there are traditional gyms, yoga and fitness studious, trampoline parks, martial arts practices, dance classes and so many options to choose from. Even with the pandemic and the constant lockdowns, new workout places keep popping up every fe