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Flower market - Prince Edward Hong Kong

Spring is in and what better way to celebrate this weather than surrounding yourself with nature's beauty.  And we did exactly that by making our way to the flower market in Prince Edward on the weekend. Being surrounded by the sweet fragrance of lilies as I type this makes me believe it was the right decision I am just thankful for the warmer weather where everything is in full bloom right now. This was the first time we (almost) fully explored the market. One side of the market is dedicated to potted plants, both exotic and local. You can find house plants, flowers like orchids, roses, and more, herbs, and even vegetable and  fruits. You can buy seeds, small or fully grown plants, there is something for everyone. The other side of the market has the most gorgeous plants in every colour possible. While some are kept in a simple bucket of water some have their own temperature controlled area to keep them fresh longer and longer.  This is also a place where you can