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Say Cheese! - Guide to buying cheese in Tung Chung, Hong Kong

I love cheese, melted between two grilled slices of bread, spread across a cracker, garnished with freshly ground pesto or naked cheese. Point is, I love cheese just not in cake (for me a cake should be chocolatey not cheesy). Now that my love for cheese has been established lets see how it can be fulfilled. Tung chung (TC) unlike the Island doesn't have gourmet cheese stores, so you have to depend on the supermarkets for you cheese fill, and after looking around the cheese sections at most of them here is my pick 1 . Taste Fusion and taste have similar stuff since its owned by the same group but problem with fusion is that the options are limited and the cheese counter is often unmanned. On the other hand taste has a large array of cheeses available that you can 'taste' and purchase in desired quantities. Both stores also have regular cheeses in the cold section, but that is the case with most supermarkets. Besides blue stilton, brie and Camembert they have a number of