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A long engagement WOW or WOE?

I'm engaged to the love of my life... that's a big WOW.. so here's the story from then to now..I got engaged on July 4th 2015 (yes, America won its freedom on July 4th and I lost my mine... in a great way ofcourse!) Soon after, my wedding was set for July 2016.  In our culture the time between the engagement and the wedding is generally short. When I say short it can be as short as one month. To top that, in our culture the bride and groom don't even set a wedding date, the families do that along with the priest and our horoscopes. So you really don't have control over when you might get married, the little bit control you have is picking a season like winter or spring (when most weddings in India happen). This courtship between the engagement and the wedding is actually spent in planning the wedding rather than spending time with your fiancé. So how did July 2016 become possible against such odds? Let's just say I had to be very persuasive with the right

Are you a fan of clean air?

I love technology and I am always intrigued with whats new on the market, so between all the wedding stuff I made time to attend a product lunch last week. The only reason I am choosing to write about it is because I saw the demo myself. A fog of misty air disappeared in a few seconds. This products looks sleek and also doubles up as a fan.  What product is this?   It's Dyson l air purifier fan which claims to removes 99.95% of potentially harmful ultrafine particles, as small as0.1 microns, from household air. But just how small is 0.1 microns you ask?  To put it in context, a dust mite is around 100-300 microns, beach sand is over 100 microns, and particulate matter of size 0.1 microns (PM0.1) are roughly 100 times smaller than a human hair. So if these microns are tiny, how can they be harmful right? Well some research says that these tiny particles are suspended in the atmosphere, and when we breathe them in they can cluster on the lining of our lungs. So what