Beauty 101

How many times have you walked by the Isles of a supermarket or a department store noticing new products. There are some items that instantly grab you attention and you just stop in your strides sometimes not realising that there is someone walking behind you. That person gives a mean angry look and walks by and you're glad that you have the Isle all to yourself to explore that mesmerising thing that caught your eye.

Once to have the product in your hand you start to read through the ingredients. Scan the package for other useful information and how it can enhance your culinary outcome. After you've taken your time, you think "should I pick this up? Then you take a look at the price and thibk again is it worth it? It's not that expensive but is it worth trying. I wonder if anyone I know gas tried it, maybe I'll ask them and then pick it up."

Why let all those dilemmas take up your previous time. Let me help you with your troubles and review some of those new to the market products for you!

Product list.. Click on the names to read reviews



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