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European day of Languages.. more than meets the eye

"Front and back and front and back, side side, and side and side and tippy add some hips hips to it!" Within a minute of entering I found myself moving to the rhythm of Salsa. Somewhere between the putting my hips into it and being amazed about the fact that I was actually able to put my hip into it I knew this was going to be a fun evening!! I am talking about the European day of Languages being celebrated at various places throughout the country on September 26th. My preferred choice was Eton institute where I have previously taken a course in Italian. As I walked in I was told about where all the celebrations were being held. The first room I walked into was Spain! I was greeted with a big 'Hola' and showed around the room. Everything from the Spanish flag to the famous landmarks and festivals of Spain was portrayed all over the room. They had an amazing Spanish spread with potato omelettes, lemon cake, guacamole, tomato soup and even sangrias (vi

Do something new this week!

One thing you should do this week is give you body some attention, after all what is wealth without health. To help in this cause NMC is celebrating World Heart Day with a free check up (Blood Pressue - Glucose - Cholesterol - Body Mass Index) till the 29th of September. 3pm - 9pm. The process takes about five minutes and can be availed at NMC hospitals in Al Ain, Dubai, Abu Dhani and Sharjah. Once you have your check up and are in the pink of health you can reward yourself a little by heading to Candylicious. Their store at The Dubai Mall is celebrating its 4th anniversary with a bang. Till the 28th of September, 2 pm - 10 pm. The celebrations include games, activities and giveaways. Today's special includes a four story cupcake to start of the celebrations and visitors can enjoy a cupcake on the house.  Moral of this story: Your health is the most important, so give yourself a break! 

Keeping an eye on Fashion

Yesterday evening was marked with a sense of High Fashion at the Etoile "La Boutique" in Dubai. The lovers of fashion made their way to Mall of the Emirates starting at 5pm to catch the Fall - Winter 2013 from the house of Dior, Ingie Paris, Jo No Fui, Valentino, and Roksanda Ilinicic among others.  As the models walked around the store strutting their stuff the guests enjoyed the music, hors d'ourves, fresh mocktails and a nail booth by NCLA while appreciating the seasons latest trends. Flowing dress, bold reds, fitted jackets, colour blocking, statement jewellery and a lot of bling characterised this seasons collection.   Pictures from the event :   The lady herself Ingie Chalhoud with Giuseppe Panico, Head of Marketing, Etoile Group.   Evening Dress fit for every occasion by various designers An attendee at the event showing off her take on fashion Pink, green and orange make up most of Roksanida Ilincic's colourful col

An afternoon of Paris in Dubai with Ingie Chalhoub

An afternoon is well spent when you spend it at the VIP lounge at Saks Fifth Avenue appreciating the delicate work of Ingie Chalhoub who is so much more than a fashion designer. Ingie Chalhoub is a multi-award winning business woman and style guru. The fall/winter 2013 line of the brand Ingie Paris combines the styles of the world with the femininity along with the unique spirit of Paris and the modesty of middle east. The collection featured a mix of short cocktails dress, casual dress, short skirts, gowns fit for a wedding reception, long skirts for the evening and even an abaya. At the end of the show I had a chance to talk to Ingie Chalhoub herself and I must say, she is an marvelous person. When I mentioned how much I was impressed by her work and all that she has accomplished as a business woman, she very warmly invited me to stop by their office in UAE and in Paris whenever I visit. I had to cut my conversation short so the others could have a chance to int

Plan your week : Event Listings

Here's a quick 'to check out list' for the week. The camel Racing season kicks off tomorrow at the Al Marmoum Racetrack on the Dubai - Al Ain highway. I got a glimpse of the camels practicing yesterday on my way to Dubai from Al Ain. It's time to indulge your senses in an array of flavours, colours and fragrances. For those interested in food, there is a Dubai Food Bloggers event happening at the Dubai mall, till September 23rd. A number of lip smacking dishes are going to be prepared and available for sampling. So what are you waiting for head to Galeries lafayette between 12 - 4 pm.  For more details check out The Dubai Mall's Facebook page. *Free event! For all music lovers out there, the Dubai music week starts on September 24th and geo sono tilt 29th. With performing and 26th and Farhan Aktar and Pritiam among others will be performing on 28th. The event is being held at the World Trade Center and is sure to draw a major crowd. For more de

A 'Virgin' morning!

My choice of nail art Lemon, chocolate or red velvet any of of these go well over a morning of bonding with my mommy. This morning I pursuaded my mom to join me at the Virgin Megastore Family Festival going on at Mercato Mall.  Virgin is holding this festival to celebrate the recent renovation of their store at Mercato Tim Hassall above and  below he nail art counter  As soon as we entered the mall we could hear the wonderful music of Tim Hassall all the way from the main stage, that combined with the sunroof and perfect temperature setting made it feel like a spring morning. The brightly coloured cupcakes (from Kitsch) topped with lemon and vanilla frosting appeared like the blossoming flowers of spring, perfect to put a smile on anyones face. Mom and me proceeded to take our seats but decided to make a quick pit stop at the Manicure booth set up by Models Own. They provided a free polish change and nail art to all the ladies there. While mom stuck to a pretty shad

Free bags draw in a crowd at Bebe

Bebe unveiled its latest Fall collection titled 'Bebe Urban Autumn' at the stores in The Dubai Mall and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi and was certainly able to pull out a major crowd! How? Free gifts! as per the invite, the first 100 customers get a free tote, which they did, but, not without a fight! Women line up to get their free bag Yesterday evening I made my way to the Dubai mall, on a friends suggestion to check out the event, which was scheduled at 7. I reached the mall at 6.30, leisurely strolling along enjoying myself. little did I know, what was cooking up outside the Bebe store, only to finally reach  there and a line of people (women mostly) spanning in both directions. With in the next 15 minutes the line had more than doubled, drawing confused eyes of shoppers from every other store, gathering a crowd which ended up blocking that section of the mall, which after some efforts was cleared up by the stores management team. I had some time to spare and I was

The Journey In Between

Sitting by the window watching the ochre sand dunes glide by, I wonder about everything these deserts have seen. The glorious past, crazy present and the unpredictable future - are all mere mortals in front of the great, grainy deserts. This is the journey I often make and every time I do, the great desert land never seizes to amaze me. I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, but the rain in Al Ain and Sandstorm in Dubai yesterday finally urged me to do it... this is the journey from Al Ain to Dubai on a cloudy rain drenched afternoon. A picture says a 1000 words, so what better way to describe the route than pictures! The rain managed to create a sight I've never seen in Al Ain before, water clogged roads and fallen plants & tree, made an appearance at every round about on the way out. Just as the sun began to peak out, these boys felt a little adventurous doing wheelies and stoppies (a bike trick where the back and