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Looking for some family fun?

Nibras International School is hosting its  International Family Fun Day  on Thursday, 26th February 2015. The school will transform into a ‘mini world’ by showcasing the rich culture and heritage of different countries from five continents. Classrooms will be decorated with traditional items representative of countries such as Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Egypt, Haiti, Iran, Japan, Morocco, Palestine, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and the UAE among several others. Students from KG to Grade 12 will get together and celebrate with traditional dances and performances from across the globe, wearing national outfits. Additionally, popular delicacies from these countries will be served in stalls, set up by parents.  The event is open to public and aims to promote cultural diversity. Time: 1pm to 3pm Location: Dubai Investment Park Phone number: +971 4 885 3330

Food Review - Who doesn't love Pringles!

I have grown up with Pringles around the house at all times. Though my family's all time favourite is still the classic red box, my brother likes pizza, my sister can't live without her Salt and Vinegar (difficult to find sometimes) and my soft spot lies with the barbecue. I can spot the box a mile away among everything else.  Now that its been established that there is a Pringles for everyone, I want to tell you about the three new flavours we just tried and in one word..YUM! First up is the BBQ peppers, the aroma says BBQ and so does the taste, but that's all, the flavour of peppers wasn't strong enough. For BBQ fans its still worth a try. Next up is the Sweet Chilli Sauce and I must say this one is definitely a Winner!! The first whiff  grasps your attention enough to make you salivate. In the words of my sister in law the in the very first bite it is "WOW!" The flavour of the sweet chilli sauce is bang on with hint of 'tangy-ness', t