Food Review - Who doesn't love Pringles!

I have grown up with Pringles around the house at all times. Though my family's all time favourite is still the classic red box, my brother likes pizza, my sister can't live without her Salt and Vinegar (difficult to find sometimes) and my soft spot lies with the barbecue. I can spot the box a mile away among everything else. 

Now that its been established that there is a Pringles for everyone, I want to tell you about the three new flavours we just tried and in one word..YUM!

First up is the BBQ peppers, the aroma says BBQ and so does the taste, but that's all, the flavour of peppers wasn't strong enough. For BBQ fans its still worth a try.

Next up is the Sweet Chilli Sauce and I must say this one is definitely a Winner!! The first whiff  grasps your attention enough to make you salivate. In the words of my sister in law the in the very first bite it is "WOW!" The flavour of the sweet chilli sauce is bang on with hint of 'tangy-ness', they couldn't get it more perfect. It tasted like a well cooked entrée with the right amount of seasoning. So HAVE to try this one!

This brings us to the final flavours of the taste test which is Onion Rings. Low on the aroma (which is good, if you don't want your breadth to smell like onions all day), this is a could compliment to any kind of dip be it cheese or guacamole. This was a little bland for our taste (We are Indians after-all and we appreciate a bust of flavour)

So what are you waiting for, go and try out the flavours yourself and pick your favourite.

P. S. The sweet and tangy smell of the Sweet Chilli Sauce is lingering on as I write this. I think I'm just going to grab be a few more chips as a late night snack. ;)


For more details head to the Pringles Website


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