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Anand's Shopping Pit-stop in Hong Kong

Hey guys, As I promised here is a post dedicated to men's shopping in Hong Kong. Anand is a quick and a simpler shopper (he never spends more than 5 minutes at a store) which is the opposite of me. He also has a lean physique which means finding his size is a breeze. On the other hand some of the dresses I bought here fit like tops because of their length. I can go on and on, but enough about me, since its summer here and I forgot to pack Anand's shorts we had to go out and buy some. And by some I mean eight! After looking around we found an amazing selection and here are some of them. Anand also loves the foldable bag pack we picked up at the start of our trip, and says everyone must have one of those. Its useful for a short hike, a day by the beach and even groceries. So read on to know where you can find some summer essentials without breaking the bank. From top left 1. Shorts with ocean design - HKD 39 from Local store actoss Victoria Park 2. Ties - HKD 20 ea

Shopping haul at the Ladies Market - Mong Kok (Hong Kong)

We went to Kowloon on the weekend and spent the day exploring the Hong Kong museum of Science and History (located in Tsim Sha Tsui) and as darkness dawned we made our way to Mong Kok (brimming with life), which was a stark contrast since we had spent the entire afternoon with 3000 year old Egyptian Mummies. Instead of the MTR we opted for the bus and get off at Nelson and started our journey with a walk down the pet street and after getting our dose of adorableness from the kittens and puppies I finally dragged Anand (he loves the pets) to the ladies market.  I know I'm supposed to do a post with my weekly haul, but the ladies market deserves a post of its own.  Even Anand found some things along the way, but that is a topic for another day. So scroll on to see what all I picked up from Mong Kok and useful tips for shopping there. Starting from top left 1. Hand fan (big size ) - HKD 15 (saw this in Stanley market for 40, but then you have to bargain) 2. Dress - HKD 5

Komal's Korner In Hong Kong #KKinHK - week 1

Hey everyone, if you have been following me on social media you will know I am in Hong Kong right now. I am going to be here for a few weeks. So I've decided to share my weekly haul with you. When I'm in Dubai I generally hit the mall and splurge, in India I love ordering everything online and sometimes get a little carried away. So this time I've decided to keep a budget on my shopping and instead of heading to the malls and shopping for brands, I'm browsing through local stores in my effort to find inexpensive yet quality clothes and accessories.  Along the way I will also be sharing tips on the best places to shop and find a good bargain, so here it is #KKinHK Week 1. Last week I picked up the following items  Starting from the top left  Stripped Top - HKD 129 (on sale) from a store called Brilliant in causeway bay which was a mistake because I say the same top for HKD 89 (not on sale) at a store called Maple in Fotress hill.  Eye patch w