Anand's Shopping Pit-stop in Hong Kong

Hey guys,

As I promised here is a post dedicated to men's shopping in Hong Kong. Anand is a quick and a simpler shopper (he never spends more than 5 minutes at a store) which is the opposite of me. He also has a lean physique which means finding his size is a breeze. On the other hand some of the dresses I bought here fit like tops because of their length. I can go on and on, but enough about me, since its summer here and I forgot to pack Anand's shorts we had to go out and buy some. And by some I mean eight! After looking around we found an amazing selection and here are some of them. Anand also loves the foldable bag pack we picked up at the start of our trip, and says everyone must have one of those. Its useful for a short hike, a day by the beach and even groceries. So read on to know where you can find some summer essentials without breaking the bank.

From top left

1. Shorts with ocean design - HKD 39 from Local store actoss Victoria Park
2. Ties - HKD 20 each from Kowloon night market
3. Maroon shorts - HKD - 39 from Stanley Market
4. Green shorts - HKD - 39 from Stanley Market
5. Foldable backpack  - HKD 70 from the same local store across Victoria Park
6. Yonex - HKD 220 from a sports store in Causeway Bay

P.S: I usually come to know when Anand reaches his 'shopping limit', he gets antsy and starts trying to eat my face. More on this later...


Komal & Anand 


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