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Time for a shower....A meteor shower!

Heads up for all the skywatchers in the house, the meteor shower of the decade is taking place on Friday May 23 and lucky for us it's a Weekend! The first and last time I saw one was back in Canada and it was a truly mesmerising event. That coupled with the fact that I was with a bunch of my closest friends made night unforgettable.  So now all if you have a chance to make amazing memories of your own and watch a rare and facilitating event, which sometimes is only once in a lifetime event. So don't miss out! Dubai Astronomy group is hold an event at Bab Al Shams to guide us through the media shower.  The event is free, obviously becuase no one is going to charge your for looking at the sky, which is great! The deets are mentioned below the poster. Hopefully I will see you all there. Xoxo P.S. My sources say the peak of the shower is supposed to be between 12 am - 2 am on May 24.        Location: B ab  Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa Event start: 9.  00pm of Friday 23 rd  May Ev

Food Review - Gujarati Thali at Maharaja Bhog

Many who know me, know that I am a vegetarian on Mondays. For those who don't know, it's a religious thing, which is a difficult concept to explain if you aren't a Hindu; so I won't get into it. This Monday I ventured to try something new, a Gujarati thali. My taste in food ranges from North to South India and the world cuisine in short; but a Gujarati thali is not something I would personally pick. As a matte of fact, I did not pick it this time either, I just agreed to go because my sister in law really wanted to check the place out. As soon as we entered the restaurant we were greater with warm and welcoming smiles. In the blink of eye our table was set up with big silver thalis (a deep plate) and 10 bowls! Well they missed one in mine so all the pictures show only nine bowls. See images below                               For those of you who don't know the thali meal concept, it's similar to a buffet but is served to you on your table very