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Snugging up to the sky - SkySnug Travel Pillow Review

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#Fashion - GUESS Celebrates 35th Anniversary in Dubai

*Images courtesy Guess To commemorate the 35 th anniversary of the iconic denim brand GUESS ; co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Paul Maricano visited Dubai to celebrate the brands milestone year and unveil its latest campaign, featuring GUESS girl, Hailey Baldwin. The spectacular event kicked off with a catwalk showcase unveiling GUESS ’ Spring-Summer 2017 collection, featuring carefree feminine wear and tropical men’s details. The catwalk brought to life the true essence of the brand, with romantic silhouettes, colourful Caribbean patterns and GUESS ’ iconic denim pieces. The GUESS anniversary celebrations continued with an exciting set by DJ Lins and exclusive displays of the new collection pieces, including the limited-edition Originals 1981 anniversary capsule collection, and previews of the GUESS campaign videos. 

Food Review - Delifrance

Delifrance is still quite new on the Dubai Mall food scene. Located near the waterfall it offers a great view while you relax from a long day of shopping and unwind by sipping on a delicious cup of their signature hot chocolate.              After starting my meal with some bread and that a sinfully good hot chocolate I moved on to something healthy, a chicken ceaser salad. Though the salad was good and came with a crunchy home made bread that they pride on, my chicken was too cold. I would have preferred having the option of warm chicken. The salad left me wanting for something warm to satiate my palette. So I went in for the goat cheese pastry which sounded really good on the menu and for a cheese lover like me was hard to resist. But what came in front of me was rather disappointing. The puff pastry served in front of me was absolutely cold, straight from the fridge and I had to no option but to call it to the staff's attention. Finally an apology and five minutes later I