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Laser Hair Reduction - What it's All About

There is one thing I hate more than periods in my monthly routine is.. you guessed it, getting waxed. I'm sure most women agree that the idea of your hair getting pulled out of your roots is not the most fun thing at the salon. So this time I decided to give my hands a break  and try out laser instead. When I first heard about laser hair reduction many years ago I couldn't believe it to be true. And ofcourse I was worried about the side effects. But Dr Apratim Goel, owner and medical director of Cutis Skin Studio put my anxiety to rest. So how does it work? They start off by shaving the area to be treated (in this case my hands). Since the hair is killed off at the root, you need to have a full growth, so you can't wax for atleast a month (or so depending on your growth) before the treament. Next comes the laser which I won't lie, stings a bit, but a lot less than waxing. Check out the video below to see the process in action. At Cutis they use a primelase