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Food Review - Ravi Restaurant in Satwa

*Update -  I went down to this Ravi on July 1st 2015 and I was absolutely disappointed. The kebabs ans roti were both very dry. My friend ordered the mutton gravy and even that was less than average. Also they charge you for the very stale salad they serve. So if you still chose to eat there and don't want the salad let them know other wise they will serve it. Over all I would not recommend this resturant to anyone anymore. There are many Ravi's spread across Dubai, some serve great food, and most lack parking. If you are up for walking and in mood for yum kababs head to the head Ravi near Al Ain Center in Bur Dubai. But if you want to drive down and get a place to sit then Ravi in Satwa is the apt choice, because of a big parking lot right across.  I am not going to say much, if you are going to Ravi order the kebabs! Nothing else lives up to them. They are soft and succulent with flavour bursting in very bite. Be careful, they can be a tad spicy.  I've been he