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Nail Fashion (Al Ain) Review

Yesterday I tried the services at Nail Fashion,  which is located at a short walking distance from my house and yet I havent a chance to go there. Having heard some good reviews about it I thought I'd see myself what the hype was about. The place is spacious and clean - ish. I say that becuase I saw a towel in thier stack of clean towels stored at evey padicure station which seemed like it wasn't washed and had stains on it. The tools used for my mani pedi were sealed packed and opened in front of me. Most of the staff came off as pretty rude. I bearly saw a smile on thier faces.  The service was good. And the products used seemed to be from good brands. The lady doing my pedicure was a little tuff and tuff as a result I have a swollen toe today. She was gentle after I asked her to be. The manicure went on fine without any hassles.  They have a giant sign for essie polishes up front,  but the ones used inside were different. I'm not complanning since the colours were

Food Review - Carluccio's and Bloomsbury Review

 The Dubai Mall has numerous hidden gems and every time I go there I stumble upon something new. A little pop up shop or cafe situated in some corner of the mall can always surprise. The places I tried this week aren't very hidden, but this was the first time I tried them. I did come across a new home store where I've never been before, but today we'll stick to Carluccio's and Bloomsbury. Carluccio's as the name suggest is Italian. You have two seating options, one facing the fountain and the other facing the mall (see image below). The service was friendly and quick considering the fact that it was a Thursday. We ordered two pizzas, a pasta and a salad. The margarita was thin crust, soft, chewy and pretty good. They did not have any options in chicken pizza's so we ordered for grilled chicken topping with our pizza., the result chicken strips on top of the same Margarita pizza. It din't taste bad, cause it still taste the same with just chicken on to