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Celebrating Indian Festivals in UAE

I know I've been late to put up this post, but I say better late than never! The reason why I was too busy to post was due to the festival of Raksha Bandhan coupled a number of birthdays in the family. As all the Hindus and others who celebrate this Indian festival already know that his year there was a major confusion as to when Raksha Bandhan really is, the two dates being 20th and 21st of August. As most people struggled with picking up one perfect day, I was fortunate enough to celebrate it for three! I spent day one in Al Ain, day two in Dubai and day three also in Dubai with the last of the lot who came back to the country that day. When it comes to traditional Indian festivals I am bias towards Indian Mithais (sweets) instead of the new trend of cakes, chocolates, brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts and so on, I'm sure you get the picture. So instead of picking up something from the number of Indian Mithai shops (Bur Dubai has one on every corner, where as alain not soo man

Eid Mubarak - celebrating the long weekend

The traffic below my building soon after Eid was declared The long Eid weekend is over, and everyone is heading back to routine, even those to took a couple of extra days off to turn the long weekend into a summer vacation. Don't worry I will not go on about how much of a drag the week can be after a long weekend spent in leisure, instead I am going to share some of the interesting things from my Eid in Dubai weekend. Hopefully there are some things here you can try on the holiday. The moment the UAE government declared Eid Al Fitr dates on evening of August 7th, we started to pack our bags, next after noon we were driving off to Dubai (if you recall my earlier blog, Ramadan is way more fun in Alain, but since I spent most of Ramadan in Al Ain, Dubai was the obvious choice for Eid), while the rest of my cousins including all my nieces and nephews made their way to Yas Water Park in Abu Dhabi.  For the first day we headed to Dubai mall, hoping to catch the latest bolly

Summer means Picnics!!

I recently went for a picnic to Al Badaa resort on the outskirts of Alain. Situated in an area called Nahil Town, this place has its own charms and drawbacks.  The road leading to Al Bedaa resort On left a tribute to the various rulers of the country at the entrance  We set just before iftar time for a leisurely drive towards the resort. The streets as well as the resort was deserted when we arrived. The resort also had an open ground section for buggy and camel rides, but it was empty and abandoned while we were being giving a quick tour by our lead car. 15 mins later we greeted by the management as we parked and unloaded the car.  Rooms for over night stay at the resort On the right is the main reception area on the hotel inside the resort. The road leading to our tents. A group of 15 beautiful women is bound to get good treatment anywhere in the world as did we. On finding our pre-booked Medium sized Majlis (tent) a tad small, we we