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Lets eat! Trying new places over the weekend - Juice World & Pind Da Dhaba

We all know or have come across at-least one of those arrogant people who consider Dubai's social boundaries to be around Jumeriah, JBR, Marina, JLT and downtown. Being scared to cross the Maktoum bridge at night, they miss out a lot happening in the rest of Dubai, luckily I'm not one of them. For me anything and everything can be fun if explored correctly. This weekend I explored two such interesting places which lie in the 'forbidden parts of Dubai' as per the some people I know. First up is juice world located right across Al Rigga metro station. This place opened up sometime in November and is a crowd puller even in freezing temperatures. What attracts people the most is their creative and colourful decor made up of real fruits. Yes edible fruits which are changed every four days by the 40 staff members in this one joint. I'm sure you have the same question as I do, what happens to the fruit? Are they wasting that much food? The answer is something that p