Product Review - Syoss Anti-Hair Fall* Fiber Resist 95

Hair washing and blow drying aren’t the only culprits behind those stray hairs in the sink; breakage can lead to excessive hair loss in damaged hair. The new Syoss Anti-Hair Fall* Fiber Resist 95 range with phyto stem cell extract strengthens and fortifies brittle hair. Hair will then grow long and strong again, boasting its usual natural shine and manageable texture. 

The Science

The new Syoss Anti-Hair Fall* Fiber Resist 95 strengthens the hair from root to tip. It does this with help from a phyto stem cell extract derived from botanical stem cells, which stimulates the hair’s energy metabolism in the roots where the hair grows. This in turn activates the roots. For best results, use both the shampoo and conditioner. This will lead to 95% less hair loss caused by hair breakage. Syoss Anti-Hair Fall* Fiber Resist 95 – optimum protection for the scalp, strong roots and hair that can stand up to anything. 

The Result

As you already know, I test all the products before reviewing them for you. I've been using Syoss for the past two weeks now, I've seen a bit of reduction in the hair fall (my problem is more with the water than breakage), and my hair does feel a bit stronger. Each hair type is different though and you have to use a product for at least a month to see if it suits you. One of the cons here is that I have to use more conditioner than usual, since this conditioner is not strong enough for my thick hair. But over all, this product deserves a shot. You try and tell me how it worked for you!


Syoss Anti-Hair Fall* Fiber Resist 95 Shampoo, 500 ml, AED 19.0 (Approx)
Syoss Anti-Hair Fall* Fiber Resist 95 Conditioner, 500 ml, AED 19.0 (Approx) 


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