Komal's Korner In Hong Kong #KKinHK - week 1

Hey everyone, if you have been following me on social media you will know I am in Hong Kong right now. I am going to be here for a few weeks. So I've decided to share my weekly haul with you.

When I'm in Dubai I generally hit the mall and splurge, in India I love ordering everything online and sometimes get a little carried away. So this time I've decided to keep a budget on my shopping and instead of heading to the malls and shopping for brands, I'm browsing through local stores in my effort to find inexpensive yet quality clothes and accessories. 

Along the way I will also be sharing tips on the best places to shop and find a good bargain, so here it is #KKinHK Week 1.

Last week I picked up the following items 
Starting from the top left 
Stripped Top - HKD 129 (on sale) from a store called Brilliant in causeway bay which was a mistake because I say the same top for HKD 89 (not on sale) at a store called Maple in Fotress hill. 

Eye patch with cooling gel pad insert - HKD 20 from 123 by Ella 

Cooling towel - for those not summer walks/hikes - HKD 20 from 123 by Ella 

Backpack - HKD 139 from Maple (on sale). They also had in it black 

Lip and Cheek tint HKD 49 for 2 (on sale) from Body shop

Mustard dress - HKD 59 from Maple (on sale)

Black head band with blow detail - HKD 20 from 123 by Ella 

Nail polish remover - HKD 29 Body shop (I forgot to carry mine)

Hat - HKD 30 at 123 by Ella. I saw similar hats in may other stores for three times the price. I preferred to buy a simple one so that I can add my own embellishments to it.

Komal's Korner Tip.

1. Local stores in causeway bay are over priced. If you are looking to really shop head to the less touristy areas like Fortress Hill or North Point and even the bi-lanes of Central. 

2. Most of these local stores do not let you try on the tops and dress, only pants and skirts. So the first time could be a hit or a miss.

For more Tips, and suggestion on living or travelling in Hong Kong click here. :D



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  1. Woow.. awaiting the next wk updates..Do try and include some men's shopping too if possible.

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and the your valuable suggestions, a men's shopping post is in the making, and once we've covered enough ground on that, I will post it right up. :)


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