A 'Virgin' morning!

My choice of nail art
Lemon, chocolate or red velvet any of of these go well over a morning of bonding with my mommy. This morning I pursuaded my mom to join me at the Virgin Megastore Family Festival going on at Mercato Mall.  Virgin is holding this festival to celebrate the recent renovation of their store at Mercato

Tim Hassall above and
 below he nail art counter 
As soon as we entered the mall we could hear the wonderful music of Tim Hassall all the way from the main stage, that combined with the sunroof and perfect temperature setting made it feel like a spring morning. The brightly coloured cupcakes (from Kitsch) topped with lemon and vanilla frosting appeared like the blossoming flowers of spring, perfect to put a smile on anyones face. Mom and me proceeded to take our seats but decided to make a quick pit stop at the Manicure booth set up by Models Own. They provided a free polish change and nail art to all the ladies there. While mom stuck to a pretty shade of dark pink, I decided to experiment and go a little wild, which I did by incorporating the colours of spring to it.

We grabbed ourselves a cupcake and finally took a seat to enjoy the on going show put up by Virgin. After Tim's sweet melodies, the next item on the list of entertainment was a live food demonstration by the Red Box (products available at Virgin Megastore).They gave us a cheat sheet on making sushi, with their cube sushi maker. Although I learnt sushi making while I was studying in Canada, and as much fun as that was, this seemed to be a bit easier.

The show host Olya
A part of the
Red box demonstrations
I knew mom was settled in, when the demonstration ended and she started discussing food and telling how I should learn how to make real Indian food and put my energies in cooking instead of baking desserts all time. With that it was time for a quick trivia game made fun by the host Olya Moskalenko, PR & Events Manager for Virgin, who for some reason reminded me of Mila Kunis. This was followed by an amusing fashion show, with superhero t-shirts to fit every mood by Red box and Jobedu along with caps from New Era Caps. There were a few tees I'm definitely picking up on my next trip to Virgin.

The mini fashion show
As my polish finally dried it was time to conclude the event with a final performance by Abbo, with a play list that included a classic like "what a wonderful world." As he sang the smiles on people faces was coupled with a look of content with the days events, which were very well organised. The best part about it was that my mum had a great morning, which makes any event worth it!

Abbo performing live
The Family Festival is on till the 20th of September, 2013 at Mercato Mall so you have a chance to catch it if you haven't already, with different activities planned for each day. Scroll down for videos from the event.

Moral of this Story: Go out, have fun and never be embarrassed to spend time with your parents you owe it to them.

For more information on the event and today's performances check out:,, and

More from the fashion show 
Cds, stickers and pamphlets that were a part of the press kit

Abbo singling live

Impromptu Rap performance


  1. Comparing this to the events held in India- Not.even.close. Events like this should be held here also, filled with activities! Shall make it to Virgin Megastore the next time I come to Dubai, Thanks Komal!

    1. Hi Anand,

      Virgin is one store you should visit, its got some pretty cool and weirdly interesting merchandise.


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