Skinny Bride or Happy Bride?

We women have issues with our body image. As much as we deny it, when it comes to the big day, we all want to look perfect which many a time involves changing something in our appearance. It could be the hair, nose, skin or the biggest problem of them all...'figure'. 

Besides one woman, who had to gain weight (wish I was that lucky), everyone I know wanted to loose some for their wedding. Many went on strict diets, some od'ed on exercise, few opted for tummy tucks and liposuction, and now I hear people get their stomachs stapled, which sounds very painful. To be honest, even I wanted to drop some weight so that I don't have a muffin top spilling out round the waist when I wear a 'lehenga' (a traditional Indian wedding attire). 

If you've read my previous post you know I had a year to plan, but a year for a foodie like me is like a century of 'dieting.' I decided 2016 was a good time to start. When the new year came along I still had seven months left. I thought to myself I'm not entering a swim suit competition, so seven months is way too long, lets wait a few more.

Finally I started and tried to getting in shape the 'Komal Way,' which loosely translated means cutting out fried, aerated, and processed/packaged foods but not desserts (I can't function without my sugar rush especially with a wedding to plan).

So one day when I was gorging on a smooth, creamy yet nutty dark chocolate truffle someone told me "you shouldn't be eating that" my first words to pop out were "do you want a skinny bride or a happy bride, take your pick."

This got me thinking, why are we women so obsessed about looking 'perfect' on our wedding day?

I know it's a big day, all eyes and cameras are on us. So getting in shape becomes a norm but it's not a necessity. My fiancé loves me the way I am, and hasn't ever nudged me to change myself. But only if our society was that encouraging!

Not only in my culture but in almost every culture there is this said and unsaid pressure on the bride to look like ms universe on her big day. And sometimes it's the brides themselves who go crazy. In trying to loose a few kilogrammes they put their body and skin at a big risk which can be easily seen, because nothing compares to naturally healthy skin. We women tend to forget, that at the end of the wedding the man you love will see the real you beneath all the make up and external fixes. The same goes for men, even they are conscious, but many times they get over it rather quickly. 

So what is it that I want to share with you today?
  • Don't go on crash diets
  • A long term change in plan will help you keep the weight off even after the wedding and the honeymoon
  • Do not over exercise. Because you might burn out till the wedding and will not be able to enjoy it. The chances of gaining weight are high if you suddenly stop after the wedding.
  • Substitute the high calorie food, but don't deprive your self. Dark chocolate for regular, frozen yogurt over ice cream, honey over sugar, fresh popcorn over processed chips and so on.

My workout now is simple and generally less than 30 minutes, along with that I follow a clean diet of healthy, fresh and fun home cooked meals, which are made to satisfy my palette. I have a cheat day every week where I can eat a giant pizza or a fried chicken burger for any one meal. I still do eat something not so healthy at any time of the week if I'm really craving it without feeling guilty because this is the time to celebrate after all!

I have chosen to be a happy bride, what about you?


Bride to Be


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