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The best place to eat Italian food outside Italy has to be Dubai and one such place in Dubai is Taste of Italy by Heinz Beck. Headed by chef Federico, under the guidance of Heinz Beck himself, this place really brings the flavours of Italy to Dubai. And we started this amazing food journey with fresh homemade bread which was nothing less than art, in favours like walnuts, olives, multi grain accompanied with Italian olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
After the bread we moved on to starters and first up was the fried calamari served with zucchini , green apple jam and home made mayo. The batter fried zucchini was a bit too salty for me, but the flavour was neutralised by the sweet apple jam. Besides the calamari, the star of this dish was the mayonnaise which was thick and creamy and full of flavour. From here we moved on to the burchetta, topped with fresh cherry tomatoes imported from Italy. It is these tomatoes that literally bring down the taste of Italy. The fresh flavour continues to the thin crust pizza with buffalo mozzarella, as always I went with a Margarita in my quest to find the best pizzas all over. Next was the quinoa salad, dressed with olive oil it is perfect if you are looking for a healthy option. We gulped down all this amazing food with a refershing drink called roma, made fresh melon and basil.

For mains we tasted the pesto spegetti made with fresh Italian basil, it was so fragrant that one whiff was enough for me to know how good it was going to be.
Chicken Ravioli
But the winner of the day was the chicken ravioli. Filled with stuffed chicken which is cooked over night and dressed with the perfect amount of parmesan sauce, this dish is not to be missed. Every bite was a treat of goodness with the flavours just bursting in my mouth. By far the best ravioli I've eaten. From the pasta to the seasoning and the porchini mushrroms this dish was very well balanced.
Every good meal has to come to an end, but not before desserts. For dessert we had the Tiramissu, Yogurt Ai Frutti Rossi Con Gelato Ai Pinoli Salat and Composto Alle Mele E Mango Con Consistenze Allo Zenzero. All three of them come with freshly made gelato. The yogurt sponge accompanying frutti rossia and the mango con consistenze was as light as eating air. Each desserts was a sight of perfection and art. The hints of ginger in the mango dessert cut through the sweetness of the mango balancing out the entire dish. 

So should you go here? - Yes! Espceially for the ravioli, the roma, the desserts and the mayo for sure. You can also shop for a number of Italian pasta, sauces, cheeses and cold cuts from various parts of Italy along with the cutest picnic baskets to make your dinning  experience even more fun and productive.

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