Calling all Brides to be

When I got invited to Bride Dubai, my first thought was that it will be catered to brides having the 'White Wedding gown' type of wedding. Being an Indian Hindu I had my reservations going there. For those who don't know, we don't wear white wedding gowns in Hindu weddings, the traditional colour is red, mixed with gold, silver, pastels, pink, peaches, blue and even green. I remember telling that to an Arab friend, her response was "you are too brown to wear red, it won't suit you." So much for cultural respect and understanding, and not being racist!

Coming back to Bride Dubai currently taking place at the World Trade Centre, I was surprised to find a small yet significant section dedicated to Indian wedding displays which included a number of fashion designers from Delhi, and jewellery designers including the famous Indian designer Queenie Dhody who was personally present at her booth.  

The arena also boasted of a number of chocolate and cake makers, hotels, make-up artists, photographers, travel agents, giving honeymoon destination ideas, gift registry booths and decorates presenting the best they have to offer in flower and table arrangements.
So if you are a Bride to be, with Aed 25 a ticket, there is no harm to check out the exhibit. Below are some of the pieces that caught my eye.



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