The Power of Pink

I once asked a cousin who stays right here in Al Ain whether she read my story in the magazine and her response to my surprise was “No.” While most of my family reads what I write or atleast cares enough to lie and say yes, this one was outright brutal. My curiosity made me ask her why and to that her response was “You write about typical stuff, women’s right, independence blah.. blahh, which we already know about, what’s new? I prefer reading about makeup and beauty.” At that moment I was not sure if I should be angry or just amazed.

What I am going to say next may not go down well with some of you, but that does not change the fact that most women are vain and self-obsessed. Beauty, make up fashion are all good, but what about internal health? Every one of us picks a magazine or google’s the latest trends in fashion, but how any of us ever look up about latest research in Breast Cancer? I have the answer to that, only people who suffer from it and their loved ones, that’s about it! We think wearing a pink ribbon and attending lavish pink parties is our commitment to the cause. Let me tell you sister..It is not!
Some of you can’t go a day without make up, why? Because it makes you feel feminine. Imagine a woman having to go a decade or more with her breast, how feminine do you think she would feel? The harsh reality today is that the number of breast cancer cases are growing every year but the awareness is not.

Now you might be wondering what the point of this article is.. It’s simply, BREAST CANCER AWARENSS! As a women we owe it to our ‘species’ to take up this challenge that, no other women should suffer in ignorance, that no other woman will die due to lack of diagnosis and treatment.

We all have our ways of contributing to the cause. By donating money you help in research, some run ‘support groups’ to help women deal with the emotional effects of cancer. But this is no good till we don’t educate each and every woman about breast cancer.

Many of you by now may have already ‘instagramed’ a selfie with a pink ribbon on, but have you stopped to explain the meaning of that pink ribbon to the nanny who takes care of your kids or cleans your house? I urge every one of you to go pink, not only in your clothes but in your action. October is Breast Cancer awareness month. Take up the issue, tell your kids about it, discuss it with your family, your girlfriends, with your loved ones back home and even the cashier at the supermarket who you face every time but never make conversation with. How about hair stylist, the lady who does your nails or gives you that relaxing hour long massage? Tipping them is good, but give them the ‘Tip of Life’ by making sure they are aware about breast cancer.

According to the U.S. Breast Cancer statics ‘about 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.’ Keep in mind that breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women, it doesn’t see money, race or ethnicity, EVERY woman is at risk! So make sure you educate yourself first, instead of passing on the wrong information. Visit sites like and and learn more about breast cancer, and the Breast Cancer Awareness month.
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The Grim reality of Breast Cancer, survival is difficult, but not impossible.


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