Warehouse421 opens in Abu Dhabi

Warehouse421 is a new cultural destination in Abu Dhabi’s port area of Mina Zayed, in which transformed warehouses have become a platform for artistic expression, understanding, and further development of the UAE’s creative community.

I was a part of the select group on media who was invited to have a sneak peak at the exhibit bwfore it opened to the general public. The official launch of Warehouse421 includes a three-day celebration of art and expression, design and creativity, from both emerging and established artists and designers in the UAE and from around the region and wider world.

Deeply rooted in the principal of sustainability and creating dynamic spaces for diverse audiences, Warehouse421 will celebrate works by artists and designers as an arena for community discourse, engagement and creative development through various artistic avenues.

Officially opening takes place today at 6pm on Thursday, the three-day event will then continue from 3pm – 11pm on both Friday 20 November and Saturday 21 November.  Attendance is free and open to all ages. 

Scroll below to get a sense of what's instore for the next three days. Follow me on my Instagram @komalrlakhani for more photos and videos.


That's the performance area set among old boats, with the stage on the opposite side under that blue cloth
For more information and to register for workshops visit


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