Twisted Roots makes it official debut in Dubai

Emirati fashion designer Latifa Al Gurg celebrated the launch of her homegrown brand Twisted Roots at 40 Kong last week with a special preview of her China-inspired spring/summer 2016 collection. 

Keen on creating contemporary, comfortable everyday wear especially for travel purposes, Al Gurg’s latest line features a variety of long silk blouses, cotton shirts, knit tops, fitted and straight pants, long vests and a couple of jackets, incorporating a mix of strong contrasting colors such as shades of herbal green, ming blue, rustic brown as well as shades of turquoise and white.  

“Green Tea” is Twisted Roots’ second collection and is in line with her desire to explore different cities, countries and cultures from around the world through design, “I have always loved traveling,” explains Al Gurg, CEO of the Twisted Roots brand, “As children, we often went on family vacations and I found myself drawn to the scenery, buildings, structures and colors around me; so much so that it was quite a natural process for me to migrate that passion into my work.” 

“Quality is the number one priority for Twisted Roots,” confirms Al Gurg, who goes to great length to produce her specially woven and custom-dyed fabrics to match her designs and intricate attention to pattern quality and definition.

The name Twisted Roots comes from Al Gurg’s mixed Danish and Emirati heritage, “To me, it highlights life’s journey through which we evolve, grow yet remain rooted until that diversity becomes an organic part of who we are,” she adds.

The collection titled ‘Green Tea’ will be available early next year.


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