Yamla Pagla Deewana premiere at Meydan IMAX

On receiving an invitation for the premiere of Yamla Pagla Deewana, my first thought was to ask both my brothers to go see, being Dharmender fans that they are, I knew they wouldn't refuse. Since one of them was tied up with work, I decided to accompany my brother. As much as I did to want to see the movie, I wanted to check out this particular IMAX which is supposed to be the fourth largest in the world. The invite said 8 and we reached at 8.15 thinking we would have missed the start of the show. I wish that was the case!

On reaching there we were informed the star cast is late and the event would start at 9pm followed by the movie at 9.45 pm. With an hour and 30 mins on the clock, and going against my suggestion of going back home and returning later, we decided to wait it out. Again I wish we handn't. The event dint start till 9.30! After two Bhangra group dances running into known people unexpectedly, my brother and and myself decided it would be best to wait in the theatre. I got my small tub of popcorn (for Aed 25) and made my way up to the top rows where there was reserved seating for us. For the next hour and half I constantly suggested we go back home and I still wish we had!

The cast finally arrived at 10.45 pm. Dharmendra, Sunny and bobby Deols along with their female co-stars and Jonny Lever no where in sight (according to the invite he was expected with the rest). After a few interesting words in Hindi, English and Punjabi from Dharampaji the mike passed on to Sunny. Bobby just stood there looking broody and surprisingly handsome. Few minutes later they left, the host some Malvika from 101.6 fm was booed off from the audience for wasting any more time, which was now almost three hours since our arrival. The movie started at 11pm and dragged on and on and on. I wanted to leave after the first half, which was alright and had its moments of laughter. The interval was cut down to a min, with the theatre's light still being off and only the glow from the enormous the screen to guide people. I wish we had left then! For now started the most annoying 75 mins of my movie experience. A chewing gum can't be stretched as long as the second half, with the same reparative comedy and introduction of uncountless long and boring fight scenes where sunny takes on a sea load of people. Bringing the mommy to an expected end after 4 sumo wrestlers were single handedly taking down by Paramveer (Sunny Deol).

Moral of this story: when the universe is showing sings, listen and Go Back Home! Don't go on time for any premiere events where the cast is going to show up (trust me they are never on time). Call and confirm the show to timings before you leave. 

P.s. pictures coming soon.


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