The week ends in Al Ain, UAE

Leaving behind the crowded street of Dubai on a Thursday evening gives me great Joy. This weekend I did exactly that by heading to my other home Al Ain. People say, home is where the heart is, but with my loved ones scattered all over, my home is never just one place.

After a quick pit stop at KFC (my craving for unhealthy fat isn't my best quality) I found myself on the Dubai - Al Ain highway, Serene and peaceful and bit into my hot crispy and spicy fried chicken, only to have hot oil drip through like a faucet! Now we know why KFC charges extra for ketchup and not for the wet wipes. I dare you to eat the fried chicken without using a wet wife to get all he grease off your hands (when there is no access to water and soap). The zinger did not disappoint as much as the chicken and the fries, I may have swallowed a bone though, but thank to the chemical laden Pepsi, that would have melted in my tummy by now. Even though I super upside my meal, the fries turned out to be the medium size. KFC; a complete rip off (going to shoot at email to those guys tomorrow, will keep you posted on that). The rest of the way was supported by fun chatter and non stop Bollywood in the background. Nothing says its the weekend than Bollywood item number (google it if you don't already know what it means, which you should by now, especially if  you have any remote Indian/brown connection).

The worst part about giving into my fattening fast food craving (fffc) was that I was to full to eat the delicious North Indian and Chinese food ( home cooked and healthy) that everyone else had for dinner. People in my family are amazing cooks, all I can do is bake ( check out one of my previous post to see and comment on my baking skills). A whole lot more of family time after it was bed time, don't worry there is a more food coming up in the next few paragraphs. ;)

Friday was a day of food (good food, not like most guys I know who prefer quantity over quality)! If you haven't understood by now, I love food, I live for it! Have a look at the picture below to see what I'm talking about.
The chocolate mousse cake from Hilton
While Friday afternoon consisted of these delicious cake from the Palm court cafe at the Hilton  Al Ain, Friday evening revolved around retail therapy. Mom headed to a world heritage site and my personal favourite Jabel Hafeet for a picnic with her girlfriends, I found my self picking through a wide selection of accessories and bags at Bawadi Mall. At the end of the day my hands were full of shopping bags and everyone's faces covered in smiles. ( I will make sure I go at least one weekend without shopping, I'm sure you would love to hear about that).
One of the bags I picked up this weekend.

We made our way back to Dubai for a family party on Saturday evening. This party like many others was marked with food and a chatter, bringing the weekend to a close.
Moral of this story: Check your order when you ask for take away at any restaurant, especially at KFC. Don't eat fattening fast food when there is amazing food at home, and Time with family cant be topped by anything else! 


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