Going off my diet at Shakespeare and Co..

Never go anywhere when you are hungry unless you are going for the sole purpose of eating. As some of you may know I gave my final grad school exam last month, which was followed by a family vacation and indulging in all things satisfying to the taste buds. Which eventually ended up with me putting on a couple of inches here and there. With the start of this week I finally decided to hit the gym, which was going well untill I went to the mall yesterday evening, with sore muscles and an empty stomach.

I did not realised I was hungry until the hunger pangs kicked in, with a whiff of fresh breads filling up the air from the numerous cafe and a slide show of advertisement for Fuddruckers zooming in on tenderly grilled chicken covered in rich sauces. After 25 mins of trying to wait it out and looking for healthy options we headed to Shakespeare and Co. This was the first time I actually went inside the place and was instantly transported back to 18th century England combined with Victorian era. The menu was not so English though. With a variety of Italian and American dishes (a go to with most restaurants these days, creativity in menu setting is dying out), I ordered my favourite a simple yet always delicious margarita for the table, and a bowl of minestrone soup for my sister in law (who stuck to her diet).

Few minutes afte is sr ordering the bread basket is served with warm white bread and cold garlic butter. I can say I have eaten better breads, but this wasnt all that bad, but the selction of bread was very few, two to be precise or maybe one though the colour varied the texture and taste did not. On our request she add some wheat (brown) bread buns to the basket, my guess is all of it is made with the same recipe, but a hungry stomach really doesn't care. Surprisingly soon after the soup followed by the pizza a minute later were bought to the table, both of which were a welcomed sight. We had asked for the soup to be made medium spicy (it is bland otherwise), it tasted pretty good and fresh, but the winner was the pizza. A thin crust coupled with fresh herbs and a light sauce made me crave for more and more. Even though I was full I gobbled up the last slice, it was just to good to give up. 

The serviettes at Shakespeare & Co.  

The pizza was priced at AED 42, and our total was about AED 90, including tip. I will definitely make another trip to try out the desserts. Al Ain only has one Shakespeare located in the new extension of Al Ain Mall.

Moral of this Story: If you are on a diet, DO NOT go anywhere hungry! While ordering when hungry, take a deep breath have a sip of water and go directly to the soups and salads. This will help you kick the fatty food craving or as we call it here FFC.

A performance being held at Al Ain Mall


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