Komal’s Korner is now in Singapore!

 Hello my awesome readers! 

I know I have been MIA for a while and from the tittle you might have guessed why. We moved to Singapore about almost five months ago and it been busy. From settling into a new country and setting everything up and finding a new groomer and vet for Brie to decorating the new house and figuring out where to find the best cheese for my platter and chocolate for my baking needs (I promise more posts about those later). 
With brie at the
Botanical Garden

So we moved out of Hong Kong on a bitter sweet note. All the racist attacks and the general tensed atmosphere made HK very unsafe and unwelcoming for us and we knew it was time to bid farewell. HK the first home Anand and I set up together and we will always cherish that, but there are some memories I rather forget. HK was not what it used to be, people started becoming meaner, add Covid and the longest quarantine restrictions (21 days in a hotel) in the world and you have a recipe for disaster. 

Anyhoo I’m glad to leave all that behind and move on to greener pastures.. quite literally since Singapore is called the city in nature and set up a new life in this sunny country. So stay with me as I explore, eat, shop and eat somewhere and share those stories with all of you.

I’ve already put up a couple of video about some of our experiences in Singapore, click here or check out the playlist below or head on to my Instagram for so much more. Until next time.




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