Hong Kong Disneyland and the New Castle

To say I love Disneyland is an understatement. I'm all against cooperate greed, but everyone is allowed to have a happy place. And the magical kingdom can sometime really distract me from the stress of daily life. Covid has made it harder for us to travel and see our families. So the socially distanced setup of Disneyland does provide some refuge from the cabin fever.

I've been visiting Hong Kong Disneyland since 2017 and just realised I i've never written about it. But now that the new princess castle is ready after almost three years, it's only fair I share some thoughts and pictures. I was going to see the castle in November 2020, but they shut down Disneyland just before my scehduled visit due to the fourth wave of covid-19 in Hong Kong. This has been a long and serious wave and I'm just happy we are over it and hope we have no more.

 New castle

The castle pays tribute to 13 stories, where our princess and queens have over come hardship in the face of adversity. What I found most fascinating were the pillars depicting various supporting characters in all the princess movies. Think Olaf, Sebastian and other furry creatures that help the princess.

Moving on from the Princess castle, here is list of my favourites from Disneyland 

My favorite rides (in no particular order)

1. Starwars 

2. Mystic Manor

3. Grizzly Gultch

4. Jungle River Cruise 

Favorite photo spots - All over Disneyland, but to choose a few

1. The princess castle 

2. Near Cinderella carousel 

3. Outside the shops on Main Street USA

4. Toy Story land (its the most brightly lit place in the evening)

Fav Restaurants

1. Star liner dinner - Serving decent burgers, the highlight they even have a veggie quinoa burger. Perfect for my meatless Mondays!

2. Midtown delight - Opened in 2020, they serve a mean soft serve 

3. Popcorn - What can I say, its hard to resist the smell of fresh caramel popcorn. I wish they had a cheese option as wel.

4. Explorer’s club restaurant  - Multi-Cuisine, it has Indian food... need I say more?

How to get there

by MTR - Yellow line to sunny bay, then hope over to the dinseyland train

Useful tips

- It gets very sunny and there isn't a lot of shade around, especially walking over from the park or MTR, so carry shades and a cap.

- If you are a member they have a few member exclusive sales every year, where you can get upto 40% off.

- The recently changed the old stamp system to the new e-stamp system. You get stamps on your purchase which can be exchanged for cash vouchers (only for pass holders)

-Love shopping for mercehndise? Don't waste all your time on Main street. There are stores all over the park, You have to past most of them when you exit a ride. The main street is open till the park closes around 9ish. Though most of the rides shut by 7ish. So you can get your shopping fill at the end.

- If you are a regular and have purchased a popcorn bucket, make sure to carry it everytime, you can enjoy a discount on all your future popcorn purchases


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