Bishop Hill Reservior

Sometime in December the news surfaced that a century old reservoir had been discovered during the demolition work at Bishop hill. Before you know it, photographers and Instagramers made their way there, flooding my feed with vintage looking photos. 

So obviously I had to go see it myself. I waited a bit, hoping it would be less crowded after a months so better social distancing could be practiced.

The Fenced off Reservoir

I made a plan and dragged Anand to another random adventure. We we got there we realised that I was a few weeks late. For safety reason the site had been fenced off to the general public. 

But our trip to bishop hill wasn't a waste. we did explore a new area and came across a lot of love for table tennis. On every nook and corner of the hill there were tables set up for the sport, some areas had single tables, but where space permitted two or more were set up. We must have come across atleast 50 on the route we took. As we walked passed it we saw people actively involved in the sport with no age limit. Kids, teens, adults and even seniors actively and joyfully competed against each other. 

Walking past a corner with four tables

I was absolutely surprised and amazed at the whole scene, wondering why are they were doing that. And that's when Anand told me that Table Tennis is China's national sport. It  all made sense now. I could instantly relate it to India's gully cricket. Seeing their enthusiasm I couldn't help but wonder, if any pro players have graduated form bishop hill and with that thought in mind we reached the bottom on the hill. 
Hopefully the reservoir will open to the public soon and we can revel in some Victorian architecture. And while we are at it maybe bring some variety to this otherwise very local area.

School located at the bottom of Bishop Hill 

Closet MTR - Shek Kip Mei


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