Rhino Rock - A Short Windy Hike

The hike starts from Stanley barracks. With a steep 1km incline ( with broken steps). This leads you to the first point, here hoards of people are generally gathered taking pictures, which will make you think it's the Rhino rock, but it's not. We Must have stopped at atleast five different rock formations seeing the crowds queuing up for pictures, thinking its Rhino rock, but turned out it wasn't. And so onwards we went.

As our hike continued, it got pretty cold, because we happened to go on a super windy day, which made it feel colder than it was. The only refuge form the wind were the narrow pathways between the tall plants craved out by the thousands of explorers before us. With peoples caps flying, my hair fraying and we thought of turning back, for the Rhino rock seemed to be hidden beyond our reach while we kept going around in circles.  
It was just then we met someone coming back form that mysterious spot, his advice "follow the orange ribbon."  And thank God for sending him our way, we finally knew how to reach the prized rock.   


I didn't know about Rhino rock until recently, but once I saw the pictures I knew I had to see it

The Steep start - The moderately difficult hike offers panoramic views of the Tai Tam Bay. Before heading out there I read another blog that said that it's only a one kilometer hike with flat ground. Boy were they wrong

Soon enough we found ourselves admiring the beautiful structure all while waiting for people to get off the rock so we could snap a memorable picture of our own. 

Finally our journey was complete. We sat down for a few minutes to soak in the views of the calm see and distant islands and then made our way back, which was much easier besides a few big boulders we had to conquer.

Overall it's a trek I would definitely recommend this trek. Make sure you wear proper hiking shoes, since there is a ton of loose gravel around and it can get quite steep in some places. Don't forget to pack some water and grip gloves to protect your hand from the rough stones. And please don't leave your waste behind, we saw so many plastic bags, masks and disposable plastic cutlery lying around.

Difficulty- Beginner to Medium level
Time - 1 hours and 30 mins to 2 hours

Location - Stanley Barracks, only the number 14 bus goes here, it starts in Sai Wan Ho and has various stops along the way


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