Preventing Skin ageing for Men

Though many people say men and women are different, when it comes to the human skin we all are the same. Men just like women have skin problems, ageing being one of them. And as with most problems, there a simple solution - appropriate skincare.
There a few simple steps you can add to your daily routine that can make a difference. 

Anti-Aging Cream for Men that Really Work
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First is cleansing, it doesn’t matter if you are working in the open or sitting in an air-conditioned office, pollution is everywhere and settles onto your skin. Cleaning it every day helps keep it fresh and free of bacteria. Choose a cleanser that suits your skin and add a scrub to the mix once in a while.

Moisturise – This is the real gem, your skin needs to be hydrated internally and externally. A good moisturiser works in many ways to prevent skin damage and repair the cells. A sunscreen with a good SPF is an absolute must. Too much sun exposure is one of the biggest reasons for skin ageing. Hong Kong has a high UV index and using a broad spectrum (UVA + UVB) with at least SPF 30 is necessary. The current skincare market has several creams to offer designed especially for men.

Eye care – fine lines around the eye are the first signs of ageing and this process can be delayed with an eye cream that is aimed at reducing them. A retinol-based cream applied twice a day works well.

Lips – Just like the eyes, the lips are also a sensitive area. Lips don’t produce oil like the rest of the skin and need to be moisturised externally. For day time use invest in a lip balm with SPF. For night get something that’s chemical-free and rich in natural oils.

Haircare – Stress is the biggest challenge we face these days, and premature greying is one of the outcomes. Relaxing exercises, meditation and even peppermint tea have proven beneficial. In addition, use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair and will keep it from falling out. A full head of hair is the key to looking young! 

Lifestyle – Changing your lifestyle can go a long way. Eating a healthy balanced diet rich with antioxidants helps your body heal from within. Exercising keeps that beer belly away and helps the joints stay active. Lastly, giving up smoking will not only save you, but, also the people around you from second-hand smoke. So man up and take care of your skin and health before it’s too late. Because age is just a number, so stay young and keep them guessing.


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