Is Your Wardrobe Summer Ready?

Four essential summer trends you need to incorporate right away

The dreary weather has passed and the sun shines again bringing the season of pool parties and margaritas upon us. So while you get ready to soak up the sun let me help you steal the spotlight with these trendy must-haves.

1.    Bucket Hats
They were popular in the 60s and now they are making a comeback. Protect your hair and skin with these cute fashion accessories bought back to life by Dior during the autumn/winter 2019 fashion show in Paris. Another brand leading a hand in the bucket revival is Prada with a unisex version during the Paris fashion week. 
Photo courtesy

2.    Puffed sleeve
Who can forget iconic figures like Lady Diana in ruffled sleeve dresses or Janet Jackson sporting puffed shoulder jackets? This year brands like Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs are taking us back to the 80s by bringing back the puffed sleeves You can choose something from their latest collection or raid your mom and grandmother’s closet for a more authentically vintage look. One thing is for sure, these sleeves will add an edgy yet feminine touch to your look
Puffed sleeve top from Asos
3.    Shorts
Shorts are a summer staple, but this year the designers have given the daisy dukes and peek-a-boo shorts a rest and opted for a modest length instead. From cycling and stretch to broad satin shorts; Chanel, Stella McCartney and, Prada have all jumped on this wagon.
To complete this look pair the shorts with a fitted blazer and tick of another trend prevailing this season.

Logo Plate Pocket Satin Bermuda Short from Prada available at Lane Crawford
4.    Eco-friendly
The eco-friendly movement is in more swing than ever before. Recycling and reducing plastic waste is not the only way you can improve the environment. A better way is to invest in natural materials; they are breathable which makes them ideal for summer. That combined with ethical farming techniques and recycled fabric result in sustainable fashion. Many local Hong Kong designers like Kay Li and Rumi X have been making an impact, its time you did too!

So darlings, what are you waiting for? Head on out and refresh your summer wardrobe! 


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