The Circle of Life

Life is strange, just a few days ago I found out that my friend's father had passed away. I became aware of this sad fact in the wee hours of the morning and decided to send him a message at that time rather than calling. While I was typing the condolence message, a notification popped up on the top of my screen from another friend mentioning that his wife is pregnant and I should save the date for her baby shower. The reason this news came to me so early in the morning is because my friend is on another continent on the opposite side of the world.

For a (long) moment there I was frozen, my brain couldn't comprehend which emotion to process. Should I be sad and sympathise with my grieving friend or be excited and congratulate the first time father. I finished the message I was writing and then moved on to write a new one.

To some this incident would not make a difference but it got me thinking. We all know that life is sometimes complicated, which is a part and parcel of it, and we are aware of this fact, but then why does it take a certain incident to make us realise it?  There are times when bad news goes right through us and then there are times it surprises us and some times it just punches the wind right out of our lungs.

This incident was very strange to me. Why? I pondered... Because my friend's father had passed away a few days before the news reached me and obviously my other friend's wife would have conceived months ago, but I was made aware about this passing and creation of life at the exact same time.

It's moments like that forces us to reflect on the fickleness of life, it can be made in a moment and destroyed in another, which made me question which "life plan" should we really follow? Should we live life to the fullest and do what the heart pleases OR should we say no to all our vices and stay healthy, be fit, live righteous OR should we compromise and take the a balanced path?

Today I am not here to give advice or say something to enlighten you. Today I'm just like many others trying to decide how should life be lived and remembered?


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